Gardner Denver Heliflow

Gardner Denver Heliflow

Eagle Flow Solutions offers GD Heliflow blowers, or solid, helical tri lobe rotors, which eliminate the potential for unbalanced rotors caused by build up of ingested material inside the impellers. Gardner Denver blowers and vacuum pumps provide up to 15 PSIG, 16′ Hg, and airflows to 3200 CFM.

Noise levels are reduced over similar sized straight lobe blowers. Lower pulsations also protect downstream instrumentation and extend blower life.

These Gardner Denver HeliFlow blowers offer an overhung load limit of 13,500 in-lbs, which is a massive improvement over competitive blowers that limit overhung load to less than 7999 in-lbs.

An industry leading warranty guarantees that Gardner Denver and Eagle Flow Solutions stand behind their product.



Gardner Denver