Gardner Denver Duroflow

Gardner Denver Duroflow

The Gardner Denver DuroFlow blower’s compact design and high power-to-weight ratio delivers up to 3 CFM per pound of bare machine weight. A step-up gear option, which allows the blower to operate at the same high output at lower speeds, is available on various models.

The dual oil sumps on the truck model are independent, allowing the DuroFlow truck blower to unload on angled grades. Gardner Denver also offers a factory exchange and re-manufacture program on DuroFlow truck and industrial blowers. Remanufactured Gardner Denver blowers carry the same full factory warranty as new blowers.

For over 40 years DuroFlow blowers and vacuum pumps have combined leading-edge technology as well as on-the-job experience to continuously deliver enhanced design and improved performance. The DuroFlow design has earned a reputation as a leader in reliability and efficiency for applications that demand a dependable supply of oil free air. Key features include reliable splash oil lubrication at both gear and drive ends, heavy-duty reinforced single piece cast iron cylinder, and vertical or horizontal mounting options. The rotors and shafts are machined from a single, high-strength ductile iron casting and dynamically balanced, assuring extra strength and rigidity to handle maximum loads on a continuous basis without fatigue, deflection or vibration. Airflows range from 43 to 4,300 CFM. Pressure and vacuum ratings are 15 PSIG and 16′ Hg respectively. Every Duroflow blower is manufactured under rigid ISO 9002 quality standards, and is exhaustively tested to meet strict performance criteria.


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